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(prices for Backsplashes are for the Backsplash as Shown in our Hand Painted Kitchen Backsplash Section)

All Tile Backsplashes can be customized (extra charge may apply) and all are produced by order. All are hand painted by Bettina Elsner.

Bettina Elsner can Custom Create or Recreate any Designs and /or Ideas on Tile. Contact us for a Custom Designed Tile Consultation today

Tropical Backsplash  18" x 24"         $ 720.00.--

Flower Backsplash  18" x 24"           $ 720.00.-

Fruitbowl Backsplash  18" x 24"         $ 880.00 w/o frame     $ 980.00 with frame

Yellowfinn Tuna  18" x 24"              $ 320.00   (other Fish available upon request)

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