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    (prices subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing)

     All Terracotta Tiles can be customized and are produced by order. All are hand painted by Bettina Elsner.

    Bettina Elsner can Custom Create or Recreate any Designs and /or Ideas on Tile. Contact us for a Custom Designed Tile Consultation today.


TILE NAME                      SIZE            PRICE /DECO     PRICE /FIELD

Pomme-Grenate                4 tiles 6x6"            Call               Call

Pomme-Grenate                   12x12              Call               Call

Accent Tile # 1                    12x12              Call        

Border # 1                        12x12              Call   

Accent Tile # 2                    12x12              Call

Moro                            12x12               Call

Renaissance # 1 Border             12x12             Call

Renaissance # 2 Border             12x12              Call

Pompeii                          12x12               Call              Call

Lillies & Pears                    12x12              Call

Terracotta 'carpet' tiles`            12x12               Call

Beast & Man                 5x5  or  6x6"            26.--       white   xx.--      Color    6.50

Animals in Circle              "   or   "              37.--         "       "

                     HOUSE  SIGNS

      Type A 12x16"lightly decorated with 3-4 #  Call

        "   B 12x8" 3 to 4 #s                   Call  

        "   C 11x7" with 3to4 #s                Call

        "   C  "    heavily decorated / #s        Call

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