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(prices subject to change without notice, please call to confirm pricing)

All Tile Panels are custom produced as per our Clients specifications. All are hand painted by Bettina Elsner. Tile Murals/Panels are priced according to intricacy and detail and by the amount of time it will take Bettina Elsner to complete. The Average Cost for a Commissioned Tile Mural/Panel will vary from $45.00 to $80.00 per tile, plus price of tile.

We will furnish a Firm Estimate prior to beginning any work.

Bettina Elsner can Custom Create or Recreate any Designs and /or Ideas on Tile. Contact us for a Custom Designed Tile Consultation today.

Tropical Panel 36 x 66"               $  4,550.--       Frame    $  625.-

Chinese Vase with Monkey 30 x 48"    $  3.200.--       Frame    $  600.-

Large Flower Panel 36 x 66"          $  5,000.-

Banana Tree/Monkeys 30 x 30"        $  2,000.--       Frame    $  160.-

Persian Hunt Scene 30 x 30"           $  2,000.--       Frame    $  200.-

Florida Everglades 30 x 48"           $  3.700.- (above)

Flower Trough 24 x 48"               $  SOLD

East Indian Mural 6'x11'              $  SOLD


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